Kubota Compact Tractor

Kubota is one of the world's leading outdoor power equipment producers. Starting as a cast metal manufacturer in 1890, Kubota has evolved over the past 115 years to manufacturing a wide variety of superior outdoor power equipment products, including lawn mowers, tractors, utility vehicles, and more! Kubota's dedication to producing high quality, innovative products makes them stand out amongst other outdoor power manufacturers.

We at Stoltzfus believe in Kubota products and that is why we provide them for our customers. Whether you are looking for new Kubota power equipment or pre-owned Kubota power equipment, we can fit you with the Kubota power equipment you have been looking for! Various types of Kubota equipment we provide are new and used Kubota Mowers, Kubota Utility Vehicles, Kubota Tractors, and many more.

Kubota Repair and Parts Services at Stoltzfus Farm Service

In need of repair or maintenance services for your Kubota power equipment? We are here to help! We provide a complete line of quality Kubota repair and maintenance services in our full-service shop, including tire repair and replacement, lawnmower tires, batteries, and more. Simply contact Todd in our service department at 610-593-2407 EXT 107 or stop in today to schedule your Kubota repair service!

We also provide premium Kubota OEM parts, series include G, Gen Set, Gas, ZG, R, L, F, Pumps, GR, FZ, TG, KX, M, BX, RTV, GF, S, K, T, B, Z, ZD, and more! If you have any questions regarding the Kubota OEM parts we carry or wish to order some, feel free to contact our parts department at 610-593-2407 EXT 104 or stop in at any time.

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