2014 eXmark LZX801KA606

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Lazer Z X-Series: What you get when you check all the boxes.

And with our top-of-the-line Lazer Z X-Series, there are plenty of boxes to check. For starters, you can choose from five rugged, commercial-grade engines, including a high-efficiency Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) model. Which also features our exclusive EGov and RED technologies. The X-Series also features our UltraCut™ Series 6 deck in 48-, 52-, 60- and 72-inch cutting widths. Whatever combination you choose, operators will ride in unrivaled comfort thanks to our unique seating system. There’s even a standard 12-volt adapter to keep devices charged. So, if you’re looking for our top-of-the-line mower, the Lazer Z X-Series should be at the top of your list.


Drive Two Exmark-exclusive Parker unitized pump and wheel motor systems with no hoses, integrated cooling fans, 1.7-quart integrated reservoir, spin-on filter and heavy-duty components.
16cc pumps and 17.1-cubic-inch motors with integrated shock valve
Electrical System 12-V battery
Engine Kawasaki® V-Twin FX801V
Fuel Capacity High-capacity, 12-gallon (45.4-L), single fuel tank with single fill location.
Speed Infinitely variable speed selection from 0–11.5 mph (18.5 kmph) forward, 0–7.0 mph (11.3 kmph) reverse
Caster Tires 13 x 6.5-6 smooth tread, semi-pneumatic tires.
(Casters) 0.50"-thick, double-yoke, smooth-tread caster wheel assembly with pre-installed bearing cups.
Drive Tires 24 x 12.0-12, 4-ply Multi-Trac®
Steering (& Motion Control) Hydraulically damped twin levers adjust fore and aft./Adjustable dampers (3 positions) to customize drive responsiveness. Levers are also adjustable to 2 height positions.
Turning Radius True zero-turn.
Curb Weight 1212 lbs
Deck Height 70.5 in. (179.1 cm)
Deck Length 83.1 in. (211.1 cm)
Deck Width 60" (152.4 cm)
(Deflector down) 72.8 in. (184.9 cm)
General Information
Blades 3 Blades at 20.50" Length
(Tip Speed) Approximately 18,500 fpm.
0.20"-thick (5.1 mm) alloy steel.
Cutting (Performance) Side discharge with option to bag or mulch.
Cutting Height 1.0" (2.5 cm) to 5.5" (11.8 cm) in 0.25" (0.64 cm) increments adjustable from operator’s seat.
Deck (Style) Full-floating UltraCut Series 6 with heavy-duty spindle. Side discharge standard with the option to bag or mulch.
(System) UltraCut™ Series 6/5.5"-deep deck/Cutting heights from 1"– 5.5"/Premium, heavy-duty cutter housings/Heavy-duty support with side spring and transport auto-lock/Single-point, finite height adjustment/Patented deck support struts.
Deck Construction 10-gauge top that is formed and continuously seamwelded, 7-gauge side skirt and 7-gauge formed and welded spindle mounting locations for improved strength and reduced weight.
Drive Wheels (Release) Allows unit movement without engine running.
Frame (Tractor) Unibody, welded, heavy-duty 1.5" x 3" tubular steel.
Instruments Operational diagnostics; Integral fuel gauge and hour meter
Model # LZX801KA606
Parking Brake Lever-actuated disc brake.
ROPS 2-post foldable ROPS standard with seat belt and latch.
Safety Systems Operator Presence Controls (OPC)
Seat Deluxe, two-tone bolstered seat with Elastomeric Vibration Control (EVC) material; Innovative Seat Isolation System (SIS); Fore and aft adjustment from operator’s position with seat flip-up.
Spindle (Blade) 1.75" (44.5 mm)-diameter splined blade driver.
Standard Engine hour meter; Cup Holder; Deck Lift
Warranty 3 Years, Limited Commercial; 5 Years or 750 Hours, Limited Consumer
Power Take-Off (PTO)
Engagement (PTO) MagStop Electromagnetic 200-ft-lbs clutch with spot brake
Standard PTO 200 ft-lbs



  • A new level of comfort: Comfort increases productivity. That’s why we designed a new, ergonomically advanced seat system featuring our exclusive Iso-mount Seat Isolation System.
  • Deck support system: A cutting deck this good deserves the best support possible. So, we developed a Panhard rod and strut system to eliminate side-to-side deck sway, reducing wear and maintenance costs.
  • Durable drive system: Our exclusive hydro drive system sets new standards for durability. High-temperature seals minimize leaks. Specially formulated oils optimize cooling. And there are no hoses to leak.
  • UltraCut™ Series 6 deck: This full-floating deck uses double-row bearings with a splined blade driver to stop bolt tightening on impacts. And our patented bearing design on idler arm pivots only needs annual service.

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